Aldworth is a great place to walk – moments from the historic, relaxing and beautiful Ridgeway – which work even better when combined with a stop at either The Bell or The Four Points.

Aldworth Paths Leaflet for websites – click to view or print.
Print on two double sided pages of A4 in landscape mode, printed to flip on short edge, not long edge, and folded in half to assemble as follows:
– Front of first printed page is pages 8 and 1 of leaflet.
– Reverse of first printed page is pages 2 and 7.
– Front of second printed page is pages 6 and 3.
– Reverse of second printed page is pages 4 and 5.

Printed leaflets detailing the following walks are available from St Mary’s Church in exchange for a small donation.

  • Walk 1: Ridgeway – Crows Foot – Starveall (5 miles)
  • Walk 2: Ridgeway – Kiddington – Westridge (4.5 or 7 miles)
  • Walk 3: Aston Upthorpe Downs (8 miles)
  • Walk 4: Ashampstead Woods – Southridge (6 miles)