Covid-19 Assistance Team

Aldworth Village and Westridge Green

Covid-19 Assistance Team

We are a group of local volunteers offering assistance to all Aldworth and Westridge Green Villagers who have to self-isolate during the current Covid-19 health emergency.

We aim to offer voluntary assistance with:

  • Collection and delivery of essential groceries and prescriptions
  • Pet care and dog walking
  • Telephone calls for those who are isolated and just want to talk to someone
  • Anything else which we can do to offer support whilst you are isolated

If you require assistance, please contact us in the following ways:


If you are unable to email, call our volunteers on 0845 634 2140.
Please remember to give us your name, address and a contact number.
For prescription collections we will need your date of birth as well.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Wine Man

For those of us who are definitely not abstaining through these difficult days, the Wine Man in Yattendon is delivering all round the area.

Home Deliveries Continue

Firstly may we send our very best wishes to you, your families and friends and hope that you are all safe and well. Thank you so much for the wave of orders that we have received and for the kind and thoughtful words that have accompanied them. Paula and I are working strictly to Covid-19 regulations which means that although we have thought it safe and sensible to close our Yattendon shop, we are still very much open for business and delivering your orders as quickly as possible, even if these are now delivered to your doorstep alongside a call or a text rather than with the normal banter that goes on!

Our website has looked a little depleted over the past couple of days but help is at hand with new stocks on their way to us from our Bond! The site has now been refreshed and has a full range of our regular items which will all be delivered to you by the middle of next week. You can browse the online shop by clicking here. Additionally we have listed some new wines on the site which are normally reserved for our on-trade and events customers. We have priced these sharply so that we can keep this stock moving and you can see this small selection here. We look forward to hearing from you and hopefully help to make the next few weeks pass a little quicker.

As always if you wish to discuss any specific requirements, simply give us a call on 01635 203050. 

Downland Practice Information

From the Downland Practice, issued today 25/03/2020

This is the information we are giving to anyone who is asking us for their medications to be delivered:

The patient can choose one of the below options to do this.
1.       Send a request for their medication to be delivered to their home (this need to include their address and Date of Birth so we can identify the patient) into – The preferred option.
2.       Send a request for their medication to be delivered to their home (this needs to include their address and Date of Birth so we can identify the patient) into the practice via the website at the below link.
3.       For those patients who do not have access to the to the internet they can send in a written request  (this need to include their address and Date of Birth so we can identify the patient) to the practice.  This can be sent in by post or hand delivered.

We are asking that people who normally collect their medication to continue to do so, or use whatever system they previously used eg friend, relative, neighbour, carer etc UNLESS they are shielding or symptomatic. Then they will need someone to help them out and this is where we will ask the community volunteers.



As long as our suppliers remain open, we hope to continue to provide fresh fruit & vegetables, bread, eggs and some groceries for Aldworth villagers who are unable to obtain supermarket deliveries.

The Market will be open between 10am and midday on Saturday mornings.  However, to reduce the risk of contracting Covid-19 there will be NO CUSTOMER ACCESS TO THE VILLAGE HALL FROM SAT 28th MARCH ONWARDS. 

Customers are requested to send a shopping list in advance by e-mail or phone in order to guarantee supplies.  Please could you PRE-ORDER from:

Julie Long     Bread, eggs, cakes, pies & crumbles (by Wednesday pm)
Phone:           01635 579344         E-mail: 

Kathy Neville          Fruit & veg, newspapers and groceries   (by Thursday pm)
Phone:           01635 578090         E-mail: 

 Janet Allen               Flowers and plants (by Thursday evening)
Phone:           01635 578389 (please leave message on answerphone)

Customers are kindly requested to wait in the car park or recreation field while their order is prepared by the ASM volunteers inside the Village Hall.  A volunteer will come out of the Hall to take your name on arrival.   Please maintain a distance of at least 2 metres from other customers and the volunteers.

The ASM volunteer will bring out the shopping to the car park when ready and set it down for the customer to collect, together with a note of the cost. 

Please note that NO CASH WILL BE TAKEN.  Payments should be made either by bank transfer or by cheque.  A tab will be kept for all customers who do not have access to internet banking and/or do not have a cheque book.  Bank details:


Bank: HSBC                          Account Name:  Aldworth Saturday Market         

Sort Code:  40-22-14                   Account No:  01219286




Local food suppliers and deliveries

  • Cobbs farm shop in Englefield is open, and looking at doing local deliveries
  • Casey Fields farm shop is open, they will deliver orders over £50
  • Coppa Club in Streatley is serving takeways pizzas – 50% discount for NHS staff!
  • Bower Farm have some turkey, pork, sausages and steak mince. Call Kate on 578251 for more details
  • Masooms in Goring is open for takeaways

If you have any more useful information you’d like posted on here let John Clark know – or 578073

Dr Simon Morris on Covid-19


Nobody will be in doubt about the importance of the current situation. This outbreak will change all of our lives, while it is under way we need to focus on what we can do to stay safe, well and sane.

Most will already be aware of all the information & thoughts written below, for anyone else, maybe something in this helps.

Some who have coronavirus will not be unwell, these are the people most likely to unwittingly spread it. This is why schools & pubs have been shut down, they will still go shopping.

Most who catch it will have an unpleasant illness with worrying symptoms but will be safe at home and well within a week although it will take another week or two to get back to full strength.

A small proportion will be dangerously ill, we need to do everything we can to make sure those in the high-risk groups don’t catch it at all.

There are likely to be outbreaks of infection cropping up across the world until enough people have had it to stop it spreading. This is likely to take at least the rest of this year. Multiple potential vaccines are in development, if one of them works it may be available for widespread use in less than a year.

Over the next months while we are all ‘distancing’ or isolating it is vital that we actively plan how to stay well, here are some suggestions:

Routine is important, get up as if you are going to work, get dressed!

Develop a structured diary with a balance of things you have to do & want to do

Every day do something for your head, your heart and your body

Build contacts & support who you can, decide who will support you if needed

Pace yourself, whatever measures you take, need to be sustained for months

Limit daytime TV, find other things to do

If you do need to go out, keep a 2m distance & wash your hands often (the soap should form a lather for maximum benefit), never touch your face until you are back at the sink & have washed your hands again.

Count your blessings, spend time actively thinking about good things

When this is over the world will carry on, take care.

Simon Morris GP Goring & Woodcote Surgery

Message from St Mary’s, Aldworth

A message from Lily and Maurice, St Marys Church Wardens

Community Protection against Coronavirus

  • Services and Meetings in the church are cancelled for the time being, however, the church does remain open for your individual use.
  • You have probably already done so, but please continue to be aware of your neighbour’s possible needs, especially if they are deemed to be in quarantine.  We have already tried to identify all such villagers who are known to us, to ensure that their needs are covered. However, if you know of other villagers who may have such needs, please contact any one of us.

Lily Rennie            01635 578936,

Maurice Allen        01635578239,

Andrew Pigott

Best Wishes to all