Dr Simon Morris on Covid-19


Nobody will be in doubt about the importance of the current situation. This outbreak will change all of our lives, while it is under way we need to focus on what we can do to stay safe, well and sane.

Most will already be aware of all the information & thoughts written below, for anyone else, maybe something in this helps.

Some who have coronavirus will not be unwell, these are the people most likely to unwittingly spread it. This is why schools & pubs have been shut down, they will still go shopping.

Most who catch it will have an unpleasant illness with worrying symptoms but will be safe at home and well within a week although it will take another week or two to get back to full strength.

A small proportion will be dangerously ill, we need to do everything we can to make sure those in the high-risk groups don’t catch it at all.

There are likely to be outbreaks of infection cropping up across the world until enough people have had it to stop it spreading. This is likely to take at least the rest of this year. Multiple potential vaccines are in development, if one of them works it may be available for widespread use in less than a year.

Over the next months while we are all ‘distancing’ or isolating it is vital that we actively plan how to stay well, here are some suggestions:

Routine is important, get up as if you are going to work, get dressed!

Develop a structured diary with a balance of things you have to do & want to do

Every day do something for your head, your heart and your body

Build contacts & support who you can, decide who will support you if needed

Pace yourself, whatever measures you take, need to be sustained for months

Limit daytime TV, find other things to do

If you do need to go out, keep a 2m distance & wash your hands often (the soap should form a lather for maximum benefit), never touch your face until you are back at the sink & have washed your hands again.

Count your blessings, spend time actively thinking about good things

When this is over the world will carry on, take care.

Simon Morris GP Goring & Woodcote Surgery

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