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 Paintings by Robin Taylor of Aldworth

 Robin Taylor is an illustrator and
landscape painter who has lived in
Aldworth for fifty years.
His early career involved technical illustration,
print and reproduction techniques
and commercial art.
Later however, the underlying joy of
painting and an introduction to the work
of people such as Arthur Rackham
urged him to devote his efforts to the
less rigid discipline of landscape painting.
Being inspired by a close study of
Johannes Ittens book "The Art of Colour"
and by the works of Spencer Gore,
Camille Pissaro and Roland Hilder among
others has enabled him to develop an
informed use of colour.
He enjoys exhibiting his acrylic originals
and prints locally.

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Village Well

Village Shop

St Mary's Church

French Hens

Rape and Setaside

Winter Break


Pines in Hampshire

Chicory at White Horse Hill

Silver Birch