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Community plan

Aldworth Community Plan

Many thanks to everyone who came to the Village Hall on 15th June. Although numbers were low it turned out to be a very productive meeting. We are now finalising the Plan which will be submitted to the Parish Council for consideration at its meeting on 12th July before being submitted to West Berkshire Council to be formally adopted.

Community Plan Steering Committee.
Contact: Barbara Carmichael 01635 579287


What is the Community Plan?

The Community Plan is a plan for the future direction of the village. Creating a plan gives West Berks council an idea of how the community want the village developed and what facilities may be required, and provides everyone with a picture of what the villagers want.

A completed Community plan makes it much easier to get grants for village projects and gives the village more of a voice with West Berks council.

To gauge the opinions of the village and to see what should go into the plan a questionnaire was drawn up and distributed to everyone over the age of 18. A copy of the questionnaire can be seen here.

50% of people responded, which is disappointing but not unexpected. The results have been analysed and presented at a public meeting. The full results can be viewed by clicking below.