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Q21 (continued). Other suggestions for activities in the village

  Table tennis esp for children we have a table (this has run in the past), pilates - limited equipment needed.
other types of keep fit classes; tennis court on recreation field; minibus service to Goring station at weekends.
Rugby Club.
Concert club/musical club
Book club and yoga I attend elsewhere but would change to here.
Local history/natural history.
table tennis club/league team
Music group, pilates, play reading/poetry group, local history group, natural history/environmental group, friendship lunch club
Bowls green on recreation ground
Archery - shops - buses
Keep fit classes.
Keep fit, language courses and self defence classes.
Keep fit club.
Bingo nights.
Bell ringing.
Find a good unselfish leader and start from there!!
For those interested use their initiative and the village hall.
walking group
walking group

Q30. What three things do you really like about living in the parish?

  1) Peace and relative quiet of the countryside 2) Friends in the village 3) Walks, wildlife.
Access to open countryside, the two pubs and community shop provides some chance of meeting fellow villagers.
Friendly people and the effort people put into the community spirit, rural environment and lovely pub/church/village hall all looked after by caring people.
Friendly people and the effort they put in by some people to maintain community spirit and life, Rural environment , lovely pub/church/village hall and stores all looked after by caring people.
Fantastic environment to bring up children, for all its faults The Bell Inn is a great place to meet and make new friends and being part of a small community that for most part looks out for each other, safe and lovely way to introduce children to life lessons.
1 - scenery, 2 - dark skies due to no street lighting 3 - village shop - this was one of the reasons we settled in the village.
Peace, countryside and some good friends!
Peace and quiet and The Bell
Peaceful and attractive area.
Peace and tranquillity, community and open space.
The friendship and support of the village community, freedom to walk the many footpaths and by ways and the different activities in the village.
Community, people and the environment.
Peace and quiet and my neighbours
Location -rural but with easy access (if you drive) and the people.
The space, the community and Church and not having neighbours forced upon us.
Helpful neighbours and friendly people.
Friendly people who seem to really keep an eye on the other inhabitants, beautiful area and Saturday stalls.
Lovely walks, The Bell Pub and close to station.
Natural environment and sense of community.
Surrounding landscape, peace and quiet and privacy.
Peace and quiet, The Pub and village like.
Safe, quiet and walks
Community spirit.  Help and kindness from neighbours.  Easy access to Downs and footpaths
The Church, the people and the village Saturday Stalls.
Very few badly behaved people, easy access to London and West Country, an ongoing attitude of "make haste slowly" by the older inhabitants.
Quiet, friendly people who care about the village and unspoilt.
Peace & quiet of the surrounding countryside.  The Church community.  Friendship of several good people in the village
Saturday market 'shop and chat' and related events.  Beautiful countryside - red kites etc!  People we meet at church and market and village tea
Peace and quiet.  Friendly immediate neighbours.  Lovely area
Peace and quiet.  immediate neighbours.  Open fields and Ridgeway
Being cut off from the town, walks in all seasons.  Knowing lots of people locally, great neighbours.  Everyone who visits loves it here, love using the hall for family functions
Its very beautiful in this area - how lucky we are!  I find people very friendly I am sorry but I am not very good at joining in but its good to see a village with a sense of community.
Everyone looks out for each other
Peace and quiet.  Community atmosphere.  Nice area for children to grow up in
Safe for children.  Friendly people
Peace and quiet.  Safe environment.  Friendly people.
The rural setting.  Its unspoilt and unchanging character.  Its friendliness
Location, being part of a small community and the pub.
A great community feeling in the parish, a safe environment to bring up kids who enjoy the countryside and the Bell Inn provides a great focal point to meet with friends.
Good neighbours and community.  The Bell.  The stalls.  Country walks
The views, wildlife, surrounding countryside
Friendliness, community spirit, beauty of area
The Bell, walking and beautiful countryside.
Beautiful countryside, peace and quiet and community spirit.
Small and friendly community.  Fairly local to major towns/railway (if you have your own transport).  The Bell
Community spirit particularly at The Bell Inn and Saturday Stalls, The natural environment (scenery, walks wildlife bluebell walk.) and the local history and buildings of interest.
Close village community - pub and village shop, peace and quiet and walking on the Downs.
Quiet, Pub and the cricket club.
A wonderful place to live - no complaints.
Beautiful walks, sense of community and peace and quiet.
Nice people
Berkshire Downs, Cricket Field and Saturday market.
Peace and quiet, rural location and proximity to trains and big town facilities.
Access to open countryside, space and mixed community - pros and cons of village life.
No change, no change and no change!!!
Aldworth is one of the few remaining proper villages left in England and long may it remain so!!
That there is very little change, the Pub (Bell Inn), the Church and countryside/recreation ground and village hall.
I've been here all of my life and love it, my older daughter wouldn't want to live anywhere else!!  Thankfully not much change since I was younger, long may it continue!!
Locality.  Community.  Church
The freedom of walking on the paths and byways.  The quietness.  The wildlife
The peace of living in the countryside, the friends we have made in the Parish and the village events.
Community spirit.  The Bell.  The countryside
Rural (peaceful), community and safety.
Community life in the village.  Our Saturday market and helping with it.  Our village church and taking part.
The countryside and tranquillity
The open spaces of the downs.  Access to motorway networks.  The church
Beautiful countryside.  Rural nature.  Two local pubs
Rural location.  Two local pubs.  Attractive visually
The countryside.  Wildlife.  Not an urban area
Beautiful location, village amenities eg Saturday stalls and mother and toddler group - esp running through the holidays.
Open spaces, friendly community and plenty of walks.
Surroundings.  Peace.  Sense of belonging
Peaceful and tranquil.  Picturesque (scenery, church, walks etc).  Feels isolated - however its near to towns/cities
Its history.  Its architecture.  Its beauty.
Country living.  Easy access to major road route.  Easy access to railway
Sense of community.  Friendliness.  Living in a beautiful spot
Country living in a beautiful area.  easy access to all major routes.  Friendly neighbours
Pub.  Walks/dogs.  Community
The Bell.  Walks.  The community
Friendly community.  Walks.  Pub
The community spirit.  The outstanding natural beauty
Good walks.  Wildlife to see
Its quiet.  Good routes to walk.  Watching the wildlife
The quiet.  The greenness.  The space

Q31. What three things don't you like about living in the parish?


1) Lack of public transport 2) Entrenched & bigoted opinions of some locals 3) Barking dogs.
1 - I feel that Westridge Green is neglected both as a community (we have asked the PC for a notice board so that we can keep informed of village events) and in maintenance. 2- Village politics.  3- lack of any real public transport.
Environmental noise from speeding traffic, certain elements of the community making efforts to undermine the goodwill of others! One person in particular causing problems for others.
Environmental noise from speeding traffic, certain elements of the community making efforts to undermine the goodwill of others.
Can get very political, although new comers to the village could be criticised for wanting too much change, old brigade not up for any. 
Speeding on B4009, dangerous section of road outside house and pesticide spraying on field next to garden - clouds of green vapour hang in the air and it is impossible to use the garden on those days.
Village politics!!
Lack of things to do for young people and miles away from any major conurbation.
Distance to services and village politics.
Cliques, small mindedness/intolerance and gossip
Roads around the parish and inability to walk/cycle safely and no village shop.
Lack of public transport is the only thing.
The lack of public transport.
Sometimes difficult access to The Bell, sometimes a lack of kindness in the community, pity that more villagers don't use the Saturday stalls.
Too many cars, speeding cars and not enough footpaths ; too dangerous to walk or cycle.
Not enough footpaths and speeding cars
Having to use the car.
Isolation and need to use the car.
Distance to shops/post office, poor public transport
Lack of mains gas and lack of youth facilities.
Houses that are only used for weekend retreats and occupants do not join in village things.
Not enough people use the shop (Sat stalls), not being able to walk to village and Church because of traffic
Selfish parking by visitors, destruction of verges by heavy lorries and large farm machinery and litter and dogs not on leads.
Lack of local shop/post office, better parking needed for Pub and for more extensive recycling service.
Lack of support and blatant obstruction by The Bell to any change.  Freedom of parking in Bell Lane restricting access to emergency vehicles.  Lack of apathy/get up and go and support by majority of villagers
Lack of safe footpaths up into the village centre,  Division - differences of opinion and village politics.  Lack of 'community spirit' and commitment by ALL villagers to play a part in making this a friendly place for everyone of all ages
Lack of public transport.  Speeding drivers on narrow roads in the area
Lack of public transport
Parking problem in Bell Lane far too busy, real problem when walking with a buggy, not safe at all.  Concerns me about drink driving.  No park for children, a meeting place for local kids.  A new neighbour that has caused problems, interfering, controlling, not at all neighbourly etc etc (house number given)
Speeding and heavy traffic - sat navs giving lorries short cut routes from A34 etc..  One or two footpaths could be better
People parking their cars outside our drive and reversing to turn into our drive
Don't like the dangerous parking in Bell Lane on Sundays.  Freak at No.? (given in questionnaire) upsetting everyone.  No footpaths to the Four Points
No bus service.  No Post Office for elderly to get pension.  Certain individual who has caused a few problems in our area
Certain individuals who cause a few problems in the area.
I don't like being made to feel guilty if I don't want to take part in events.  The Village Hall.  The parking in the centre of the village at weekends
Not having a village shop and division in the community over the future of the village hall.
The local shop/post office is missed for daily needs.
Traffic - particularly lorries and careless farm vehicles.  Speeding vehicles on B4009
Lack of shop, lack of footpaths, busy road
Lack of facilities for children (swings, play area), lack of path to main village, lack of a shop
No shops, transport to Streatley very bad, very bad signal for phones
(Number given of house on The Glebe), dog mess on Cricket Green and cars parked down Bell Lane.
Dog mess on recreation ground, (number given house on The Glebe) and cars parked on Bell Lane at weekends.
Provision of public transport very limited.  Very limited care for our extensive elderly community.  The condition of the church yard
The size and speed of agricultural vehicles on small lanes, pathways restricted by wire fencing/dog fouling and overgrown vegetation, speed limit through Westridge Green should be 30 MPH the same as Aldworth.
Village politics, badly parked cars in Bell Lane and (name given) "how did she get here?"
Badly parked cars in Bell Lane.
Litter and fly tipping, speeding and noisy traffic and motor bikes and scrambling in the woods.
No village shop, noisy motorbikes in the woods at weekends.
No "convenience" store
Traffic passing through the village and lack of involvement of vast majority of "Parishioners" in village activities.
The constant and unnecessary hassle for change of those who are here today and gone tomorrow!!
The constant irritation by some people wanting change in this idyllic place!!
People that TRY to change things after being here 5 minutes ie the village hall! Lavatory on the Church!!  Speeding cars.
The constant complaining about parking which is totally unnecessary as there are three ways in to the centre of the village.
Access to Bell Lane.  Social division within the village.  Poor community commitment by parishioners
People speeding along the lanes.  The litter people drop.
The worry that emergency vehicles might not be able to reach us due to traffic/parking congestion by The Bell pub, the division of certain factions of the village creating friction (one certain individual called - name supplied - causing trouble!) and barking dogs everywhere!!
Low flying aircraft - especially helicopters.  HGVs using lanes too small for them.  Speeding farm vehicles at harvest time
Lack of public transport - particularly to Streatley.
No proper public transport - we pay taxes like everyone else.  Access due to the fact we live up a no through road.  Not enough facilities for the children of the parish.
Access through the village due to irresponsible parking.  Due to living in a remote village we are an easy target for rural crime.  Due to poor signs of footpaths we get pestered with walkers
Most things in the village are kept up by a small number of people and others don't get involved.  Can be very cliquey.  Lack of public transport
Not very friendly - people do not mix well.  Lack of public transport
Aircraft noise
Distance to shops.
Too early to tell!!
Poor community spirit.  Lack of public transport.  Speed of traffic
Lack of parking facilities.  No mains drainage and gas supply.  Lack of regular public transport
Divisions within the village between people
Lack of investment by West Berkshire Council on roads in our area
Poorly maintained roads.  Lack of social events.  People dumping litter
No churches.  No village shop.  Pub shut on a Monday
No church goers.  No village shop
No shop.  Limited regular attendance at church.  Parking at The Bell
The road/byway to our house
No footpaths between village church and The Four Points.  Restricted access from village hall to the Ridgeway when Bell Inn is open.  Lack of police with travellers around stealing dogs, cars etc
Only here for 6 months and nothing comes to mind