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Broadband in Aldworth

Do you want Superfast Broadband?

Broadband speeds in Aldworth are quite low, ranging from 0.4mb to 5mb according to my recent (non-scientific) survey. In conjunction with West Berks Council and other villages we are trying to get a broadband supplier to hook us up to fast broadband as we have been left out of the government scheme that is supposed to bring fast broadband to rural areas.

Why would you want Superfast broadband?

-    Working from home becomes more feasible
-    Watching online content (films, BBC iPlayer, Youtube, etc) becomes possible
-    All the family can connect
-    Adds value to your house (Daily Telegraph 28th Sept 2012)
-    Future services will be available that you would otherwise be unable to use

We need you to sign up now so that this service can be brought to Aldworth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much will it cost?
A: We are looking for an investment of £125 (per connection) from those interested. West Berks have set us a target of 44 connections. For those who cannot afford this we are hoping to secure a grant so please let me know if that is the case. There will of course be a monthly charge for using the service.

Q: What technology will it use?
A: It is not clear yet what companies will be interested in providing a service, so there are a few options, for example through the phone line (ADSL) or wireless.

Q: How fast will it be?
A: Currently it looks like speeds could be from approx. 24mb to 50mb though one potential supplier has packages up to 1000mb – which would be expensive. It’s likely we will be able to choose our package from a selection.

Q: When will it happen?
A: If it happens it is scheduled to be installed by March/April 2015

Q: What if we don’t reach the target of 44?
A: If we can’t raise the money required then we won’t be able to join the scheme and will have to wait for the next government scheme – likely to be in 2017 – and hope that BT will then provide us with the service, though there is no guarantee that they will. If nothing happens then you’ll get your money back! At the time of writing we have 18 people interested.

Q: Will I be able to connect even if my house is remote?

A: We don’t know. It depends on the prospective supplier, so put your name down and get on the list – if you don’t then you will not get the service. Your money will be returned if it’s not possible.

More information is to be found in the documents below:

Berkshire RCBF Public Consultation_V1.0